Our group of visual artists and content creators are equipped with a variety expertise in photography, videography, audio production and much more. We know that in order to have the highest quality media, there needs to be an equally enthusiastic team to match. That’s why the members of of Black Valve are here to help with every step of the way. Read about what we’re all about below!
We’re very excited to work with you.


Co-founder | Photographer and Videographer | Director

Hey everyone! I'm the co-creator of Black Valve Media and I specialize in video production as well as photography. I've been involved in media production for over 5 years. I'm excited to be putting together a team of extremely talented artists in Cleveland and make amazing work.



Co-founder | Audio Engineer | Videographer & Photographer


Hi! I’m a graduate of the Tri-C’s RAT recording arts and technology program and have always had a passion in editing, audio work and video.  I capture tones and concepts through various forms of audio and video work. My attention to detail allows me to make each project the best it can possibly be. 



Animation & Motion Designer | Editor | Photographer


Hi! My strong software knowledge, creative faculty, and appreciation for nuance enable me to produce striking work in the realm of motion graphics and visual effects. I strive for perfection and persevere through any task. I'm passionate about my profession and eagerly await each new endeavor. 



Videographer | Editor

movie-weekend-12 (1).jpg

My strong passion for cinematography allows this team to approach projects with unique looks. With big ideas and no fear of challenges, each project pushes me to better my work for the next.



Photographer | Model | Photo Editor

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Hey, I'm Shelly! I am extremely passionate about photography and specialize in capturing emotion in my work. I want to bring more realness to the world and help people express themselves. 

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Manda Specht

Photographer | Photo Editor


Manda Specht is a photographer from Cleveland, Ohio who has extended experience in portrait photography.



Spring 2019 Intern

Tyler Hasul

My name is Tyler Hasul. I’m a senior at both Wickliffe High School and Mentor High School. This coming fall I’ll be heading up to BGSU as a VCT major. I play the sax, dance, take pictures, and edit photos/videos.


Spring 2019 Intern

Kyle Mountcastle

Kyle is graduating with a BA in Digital Media from John Carroll University in August 2019.. He enjoys Skyrim, documentaries, record collecting, and Jared Dines.


Spring 2017 Intern:

Keyah Madaris

Keyah is a senior at attending Euclid and Mentor High Schools. She hopes to go to college in New York or LA and hopes to become a director. 

Summer 2017 INTERN:

Jack is a student at Shaker Heights High School in Shaker Heights. He enjoys computers, video games and Taco Bell.